Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wedding wednesday.

I love Wednesdays.  Made it through the half the week, the next day is Thursday, which is my favorite day and its Wedding time!  Currently I have no friends getting married, I am most definitely not on track to get married anytime soon so Wedding Wednesday has become something fun that I look forward to every week.  I feel sometimes when your planning a wedding for reals it can get very stressful.  And to all of you out there who are in this process right now remember that things may not be absolutely perfect (and this is coming from a somewhat perfectionist when it comes to events) but what is perfect is the fact that your in love, your marrying your best friend, and you get to spend your lives together.  So when you walk in the reception hall and the centerpieces (hint hint what do you think this post will be about?) are not exactly what you thought they would be don't freak out.  Take a deep breath, remember that no one will know but you, grab a glass of champagne and get the party started!

Do you like how I always seem to add in personal advice in Wedding Wednesday?  I don't know how that always seems to happen.  Honestly, I have been to about five weddings in my life, only three of those being in the past five years and you would think I was Darcy Miller.  What I do know is, I read about weddings a lot, I've worked in the wedding industry, and its a huge passion of mine so I think I'm pretty knowledgeable on the topic.  So let's get to the topic at hand then.


Are. A. Tough. Choice.

They can be a huge part of the reception decor or they can take a more modest approach.

I think a big drama maker at very low cost is the baby's breath centerpiece.  Have you seen these?  I ran across them once looking for cheap centerpiece options for an engagement party I was throwing and really loved the look.  What do you think?




Such a cool option no matter if your thinking of going big or small.  I priced out some centerpieces once and they told me about $30-$40 depending on the size of what I was looking for.  Just make sure when working with your florist that you give them very specific details, even pictures of what you are looking for.  The guy I worked had never even heard of the idea.  That way they have a more direct vision of what your looking for.

There is one drawback to baby's smells, and not in a good way.  I do feel though that it could be sprayed with a scent if it was noticeable, which in all do respect I highly doubt.  When I originally heard about the smell I thought people were just being weird but I once put my nose in a bunch of it, let's just say I was proven wrong.  That said I don't think many of your guests will do this.

So if you like it, go for it.  What are your thoughts?  Would the smell turn you off?  Or are you more of a flowers type of person?

Stay tuned, tomorrow is the big closet reveal!  Its so nice and pretty now, after my room was a disaster for a better part of the night it is completely finished.  See you then!


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