Thursday, February 9, 2012

craft love.

Tonight I did a little crafting for Valentines Day.  So if you looking for a cute something to send to your Valentine this year, look no further!

I only have the start of the project because the lovely Walgreens near my apartment decided to close at 10pm tonight thus my pictures were not developed...mehhh!  Its a DIY Valentines Day card that can be customized no matter what your looking to do.

You will need:
Construction paper
3 Pieces of poster board (or more depending on your saying, ours was "I LOVE YOU")
Glue Sticks

For the Card itself you need to glue two pieces together of construction paper end to end

To start use the construction paper to cover some poster board...cut out some letters for whatever you want your pieces of poster board to say...

Then piece it all together...

We cut out hearts from the paper and dollies, free-hand cut out all the letters and then arranged everything to our heart's desire.

And here is the first stage of the final product...

My roommate Audrey's I

My I, do you like our creepy eyes?

Our LOVE...

And YOU...

Once you finish your boards take pictures of yourself holding them.  The point is to cover up your face for the first two, however we improvised with the first one.  Out eyes sticking out on board 'I' was too funny not to do!  Then on the last one, you reveal your identity thus the receiver finds out who send them the card.

I will be back on Monday with the finished result, Walgreens prevented us from finishing them tonight...shame on you Walgreens, what happened to 24 hours?


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