Friday, February 24, 2012

pretty, pretty

Sooo...the closet is still a work in progress, keep holding your breath or don't it might be awhile.  I promise I will have pictures up by next week!  Fingers crossed.  

I did want to share with you all a really amazing stationary designer that I had the luxury of working with during college.  I love her work, she does everything first with a hand drawing then hand painting, its insane.  Here are a few examples of her work. 

Starting sketch.

Then the finished product.  Can you say WOW!
Another example of her work.  I love this chair note card so much.  That leopard print pillow kills me.  The attention to detail is stunning and really who wouldn't love getting a note like this in the mail.

Be sure to check back for her full product line coming out this year.  I know I will be a loyal customer!  All images via Saint Folly.


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