Tuesday, February 28, 2012


As many of you have probably seen I have a large gallery wall in my living room.  Below you will find it all decorated for a party.  And as you can see there are a number of large empty frames.  I like it that way somedays and others I want to see a few of them filled with prints of some sort.  

Most of the frames are thrift store frames that I painted black.  A good amount of them have glass and old mats with some really interesting prints in them.  The others are just the bare bones frame.  Therefore it would be costly to put anything in them.  Professional framing and glass=expensive.  
For the ones that do have some of the hardware needed to put an actual print in I found some really great options.

What do you think?  Leave them as is?  Or fill em up?  I am seriously loving that last one.  I think no matter what its going to find a place in my home!


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