Thursday, February 2, 2012

side table? yes please.

One of my favorite projects that I have done in my house so far are the side tables in my bedroom.  Its a project anyone can do and is relatively inexpensive.  I have yet to photograph them finished but for now I will show you the beginning stages of the project.

Yes the tables are ikea so some assembly is required...

To start with you need two ikea rast side tables, they are not the most beautiful pieces but the finished product is very elegant and rich once they are stained and painted.

These are the tables put together without the knobs that come standard with them.  I originally found the tutorial here at Aubrey & Lindsay's Little House Blog.  She details a lot of the specifics on how to do the project.  I will give all my input on the next post when you see the finished project.

It was a really great and inexpensive project that provides a ton of storage and great little area on each side of my bed.

Tomorrow is the finished product...until then!


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