Thursday, February 23, 2012

wedding wednesday

It's that time again!  This week brings a little bridesmaid love.  Who out there has ever had to wear possibly one of the most heinous pieces of clothing ever created?  Raise your hands ladies I know its most likely the majority of us.  However I do feel there are really amazing options out there and with some of the new trends going on right now you can have a group of Best Dressed ladies!  I love how a lot of brides now are mixing it up and using different dresses in different colors to dress their maids.

Long dresses are the ultimate for all types of weddings, formal, simple, artsy, eclectic.  Sexy, sleek, looks good on a number of different body types and in a muted color=classy!
Another long option this one a little more formal but in a great color such as this, amazing.

Short, sweet, simple, this isn't going to be a dress you put everyone in however it would be great for one person and then have your other bridesmaids in similar styles.
 Another beauty from J. Crew.  I love how simple this is yet with accessories can be transformed to each girls individual style.  With a dress like this a cardigan would be a great bridesmaid gift to go along with it in case of a chilly night.
Lastly, a pretty empire waist option that would look good on everyone.  Pair it with some pretty accessories, ballet flats, and your good to go.
Now pair all of these together and you have a great mix of dresses that give each girl a little individual style.  It keeps everything from looking too matchy matchy as well.  

The key is to use shades of the same color, in this instance it was gray.  As you can see some are darker some are lighter some have a green or blue tones and so on.  Here are two great example of dresses in different shades of the same color.

For a more eclectic look go for contrasting colors that work well together.  Here is an example of that.  Love this!
What did you put your bridesmaids in on your wedding day?  Are you liking the new trends right now in bridesmaid dresses or is the traditional style more your vibe?  I'm in the middle I believe, I really love mixing it up but I am usually a traditional girl in the end!  



  1. What brand is the second dress down? The more formal one with the rhinestone embellishments?

    1. It's Marchesa. It's no longer available :( There are some similar ones at the link below.

  2. I have the same question! It's stunning!

    1. I love it too! It's Marchesa and is no longer available sadly. There are a few similar styles from the same collection I believe. Check out the link below!!