Friday, February 17, 2012

my closet...

Forewarning this is not pretty.

However, I figured if I put up the pictures in its current state of disaster I would motivate myself to really get the ball rolling on having a beautiful closet like this one...

"Hello, I live here!"  Quick what movie?  I'm waiting until later in the post to show you my real closet so you can have yourself a good laugh, I'm pretty sure this would be larger than my bedroom, its so big it has to have three pendent lights!  Not one, but three, ooo the life!

Back to reality now, here is some real inspiration that I thought could potentially resemble my closet somewhat in the future.

There is a lot of storage in both, which I am desperately in need of.  I always feel like I have no clothes but I distinctly remember when originally looking at my apartment marveling at "HOW BIG THE CLOSETS WERE."

Then I moved in.  Womp, womp, wommm.  Not nearly large enough.

For storage in our whole apartment my roommate and I have four closets.  One in each of our bedrooms, a coat closet, and an outdoor storage closet.  Needless to say my one closet in my bedroom has to fit not only clothes but a number of other things such as luggage, laundry, etc.

Enough talk, lets get to the good stuff.  You were forewarned...

In case you were wondering, yes that is a down comforter hanging within a inch of its life that I threw up there because I have no place else to put it, and yes that is a bathroom storage rack that I turned into a purse storage shelf aka work with what ya got!

This is what my closet looks like on a good day, on a bad day, well I would not show you pictures of that.  I do try and keep everything organized by color.  Lately I have been doing pretty well, however if you look at the side my dresses are on you will see that only the part that is most visible to my room has stayed color coded.  As for the rest, well lets just say sometimes I have more pressing things to do!

I am hoping that I can find some solutions this weekend and maybe make things a little easier for myself.

Off to The Container Store I go!


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