Monday, February 6, 2012

nighty, night.

I have finally been able to get some good shots of my nightstands, well nightstand.  The other one is exactly the same so no need to repeat.

First lets look at the original.

And then the finished project!

And the whole thing.

Some more close ups.

The whole thing again and then some more for your viewing pleasure!

The knobs are from Lee Valley BBZ in 51mm x 43mm.

Like Aubrey + Lindsay I used Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace for the drawer fronts.  For the stain I used a dark mahogany that was a close match to my dresser that I currently have.

I really love the look of these, clean and simple, yet still a little glam.  Which if you see most of the furniture I own, you will see a trend.  For me the drawer pulls are what make such a huge difference, they really add that extra oomph!

Lindsay had readers ask of the quality, and I have found that they are great quality.  Even without rollers on the drawers they slide in and out great.

I also love that they flank both sides of my bed.  One thing that I have learned about interior design through the years for the past few years is that symmetry is a great way to imitate high fashion interiors.  I love to do this in a lot of my rooms and then add dimension with accents and accessories.

For instance on either side of my bed I have both of these nightstands and also the same lamp on top.  However, only one side has picture frames, the other side is bare.  In the future I might add a frame to the opposite side but I want to mix it up and keep it fresh.  Too much symmetry will do the opposite of what some symmetry will.

What do you think?  Is anyone else busy putting ikea furniture together/painting/staining?  I really love them, one of my favorite aspects of my bedroom!


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