Wednesday, February 8, 2012

wedding wednesday.

Throughout the blogospehere there is a theme going on, its a day every week that everyone is happily referring to as, Wedding Wednesday.  I love the idea of posting about weddings every Wednesday, not only to offer you some beautiful pictures but also give some inspiration to brides-to-be and wedding lovers.

For as long as I can remember I have loved the wedding industry.  I have worked in a bridal boutique, read countless bridal magazines, my wedding board on Pinterest has the most pins and all in all weddings put a smile on my face.

Lookie, Lookie what I'm doing right now...

This post will also serve as a place to share my photography of all my clients, future clients?!?  As well as give them inspiration for their own soirees.

None the less lets get to it.

The far the most important aspect of the event.  It sets the theme, is the starting point, and by far the biggest decision that the bride will make.  I always cringed when brides would come in the store and already have a venue picked out.  Its really hard to wear a satin ball gown that you absolutely love on a ranch with cowboy boots in July.  They just don't mix.

Advice to anyone planning to get married, get the dress first then let everything else follow, because all in all if you feel beautiful on your day then everything else will fall into place.

A few of my favorites...

This is from the Jim Heljm Spring 2012 Collection, I love the transition a lot of designers are making away from the strapless style that seems to have dominated wedding dresses for the past few years.

The next two dresses are from Jenny Packham, I recently discovered this designer and absolutely love her.  The detail and work that must go into each dress is beyond me and they look so beautiful, very Grecian.

Look a little familiar...this is the dress that was in 27 Dresses, that Jane's horrid sister, Tess cut up her mother's wedding dress and made into, except for she didn't and instead the masses get to enjoy this beauty. (This dress is actually no longer available but a similar look could always be created by a great tailor.)

Hey, girl hey!  You look hot!

Beautiful back, plus sleeves, I'm in love.  I am not sure what design house this is from, I found it here, but it looks a little like Monique Lhuillier.

I have always dreamed of a big beautiful wedding.  That being said I think it would be amazing to get married with just the two of you before your big day.

Weddings are crazy, stressful, and at most you don't have a lot of time to yourself, I feel a private ceremony gives you a chance to really appreciate each other and celebrate what you have together. I hope to do this one day and when I do, I plan on wearing this.  Its beautiful, simple, and the perfect dress to 'wow' him!  No lie I almost bought it once.

Layers and layers and layers, could there be anything more romantic?

Mimi.  This is a beautiful dress from Watters.  I always referred to it as The Traveling Dress. (Have you read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?  If not, its based around jeans that fit these four friends who are all different body shapes and sizes.)  Back to the dress, it looks good on everyone, and I mean everyone.  The neckline is one of the most beautiful necklines I have ever seen on a dress.  If your looking for something simple, elegant, and classy this is your girl!  Believe me, she'll look good on you!

And lastly, this is from the Reem Acra Fall 2012 Collection, the back is amazing, it looks as if crystals are literally glued to the skin.  Absolutely stunning!

So there you have it. the first Wedding Wednesday.  I am excited to start this series and hopefully will have some guest bloggers occasionally posting along with me.

Have you ever found a dress where you thought, I will get married in that?

Tomorrow I will have a Valentines Day project that I will be sharing, stay tuned...


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