Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I thought it would be fitting to post today, which is my twenty-sixth birthday.  One thing that fell by the wayside over the past year was this blog which seemed to become more of a hassel than the enjoyment that I always thought I would gain from it.  When I felt the desire to write something today I felt it was time, perhaps, to start back on my small slice of the internet, or maybe write for this one single post, whatever it is I'm looking for, I am writing now because it makes me happy.

I never seem to make New Years resolutions but I do like to take stock of my year and reflect on what has happened the year before right around this time.  This year has been filled with many ups and downs as most years are.  Over the past year I landed my dream job and have been working there for about eight months, it is one thing that truly changed everything surrounding how I felt about life after college.  They say its hard to get up everyday and go to a job you hate, I lived in that reality for three years.  This opportunity has brought me incredible happiness, it was a breath of fresh air when I needed it most.  Don't get me wrong!  Is it perfect, of course not, no job is.  I can sometimes work 60-70 hours week for months and the stress can be mentally and physically daunting but when I wake up every morning and look forward to my day, I know I hit the jackpot professionally.

My personal life is something left to be desired.  I've been in a distance relationship for about 5 years with still no end in sight.  It's a battle that we continue to work through each and every day.  Along with that my body seems to hate everything I put in it regardless of how healthy or unhealthy it is.  Saying that it has been an uneasy six months would be a total lie, as its been horrible.  I haven't felt like myself since November.  I keep hoping that one of these doctors will tell me something of merit that actually makes me feel better but as of lately that has yet to happen. 

When I look back though and see what great things have happened over this past year, I'm proud of my accomplishments.  I spent the past three years getting to where I am today professionally and I could not be happier.  Is everything perfect?  Of course not, nothing ever is, but I will continue to work through my problems.  I will continue to find the time I need for myself to heal and things will improve.  

That is all I have for now, until next time.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Audrey Nadine Bags & Clutches Giveaway

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Below are a number of different ways to enter. The giveaway will run until next Wednesday, check back then to see who won! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, April 5, 2013


I'm off to Charleston today with friends to run in the Cooper River Bridge Run tomorrow!  Its the longest race I've ever ran (10K or 6.2 miles) that being said I've run like two 5Ks in my entire 25 years so not a lot of experience here.  I might die.  My goal is to not walk.  #goodluckwiththat

And Nene's response to my goal...

While there we plan on doing some shopping, hanging out, and enjoying a nice dinner on Saturday night.  Charleston is one of my favorite cities so I love any excuse to spend a weekend there.  I finally downloaded Vine so I will be sure to take some videos of the run and post on Monday.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

around the house.

Here are a few shots from around the house lately...

(Ignore the two small marks on the table, they are chips in the table finish not crumbs!)

I finally found a console table that I love!  Queue excitement!  It originally had a really wobbly leg and a chip in one of the front drawers.  The leg is fixed, the chip is not.  I'm working on it at this point.  I debated changing the finish or potentially painting the piece but ended up loving the wood so much that it is staying as is no matter if the chip is able to be fixed or not.  #fingerscrossed  If anyone has any tips on fixing wood chips in older furniture please let me know.

The bar is really coming together and I like that the mood board covers the office nook.  I wish I were able to do a little more with that space but at this point I haven't given it enough thought to do something that I really love.  What do you think of the changes?


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

snail mail.

There is something so lovely about receiving a hand-written note in the mail, whether it be a thank you note or a simple hello from a friend I am always smitten when I find something that isn't the everyday bill or letter.  I love that stationary can be extremely colorful and bright or crisp and clean with beautiful accents.  A few weeks ago when I was in D.C. I stopped in the Paper Source store in Georgetown and came across some gorgeous and very affordable stationary suites.  Above are a few of my favorites that I found while there.  I ended up purchasing the pink and red chevron as it is something so different from my usual choices.  I've sent a few of them already and have heard raving reviews from family and friends.  Are you as big of a fan of snail mail as I am?


Monday, April 1, 2013


A few bits and pieces of my weekend... 

My parents came in town for the holiday weekend and we had fun visiting some old and new places. 

I finally scored and found a beautiful mid-century credenza that needed a little love and care but cleaned up very nicely.  The proportions are so much better for the living room I love love, love it!

My mom being the amazing person that she is shampooed the carpet in my apartment which took me back to when we first moved in and there was no furniture anywhere.

Had nachos and beer at The Raleigh Times, my favorite.

Went down to Furbish to look around and found that cute glass piggy bank that almost came home with me.

Cafe au Lait on Sunday for brunch at Cafe Caturra, which I totally recommend.

Cupcakes and macaroons at Sugarland, if you have not tried this place, it is time that you do.

Hot lemon water that I thought was a going to be good for my body and ended up making my stomach hurt?!?!

All in all a great relaxing weekend.


Friday, March 29, 2013

lessons in photography.

I recently took a awesome photography class with the incredibly talented Lindsey Lee and learned so much as well as had the opportunity to practice with a model.  The photos turned out beautifully at least for my skill level so I wanted to share a few of them with you.

And finally Richard!  This picture was my major hello moment.  The background is completely blown out but you can actually see his fur and specific features which never happens when I photograph him.  That being said what do you think of my photography skills?  Ah-mazinggg right?!?!  I saw a huge improvement which all happened in about 3 hours so it was a great class.  Lindsey you da best!

p.s. I was watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower tonight while writing this post and man oh man if you have yet to see it, go rent it now.  Stellar!