Monday, April 1, 2013


A few bits and pieces of my weekend... 

My parents came in town for the holiday weekend and we had fun visiting some old and new places. 

I finally scored and found a beautiful mid-century credenza that needed a little love and care but cleaned up very nicely.  The proportions are so much better for the living room I love love, love it!

My mom being the amazing person that she is shampooed the carpet in my apartment which took me back to when we first moved in and there was no furniture anywhere.

Had nachos and beer at The Raleigh Times, my favorite.

Went down to Furbish to look around and found that cute glass piggy bank that almost came home with me.

Cafe au Lait on Sunday for brunch at Cafe Caturra, which I totally recommend.

Cupcakes and macaroons at Sugarland, if you have not tried this place, it is time that you do.

Hot lemon water that I thought was a going to be good for my body and ended up making my stomach hurt?!?!

All in all a great relaxing weekend.



  1. Umm I like your credenza but what is that amazing wall behind it?? Welcome back, by the way!

    1. Thanks girl! It's the fish scale wall I did a few years ago. I'll have some more pictures up of it tomorrow! And thanks, I missed it!