Thursday, April 4, 2013

around the house.

Here are a few shots from around the house lately...

(Ignore the two small marks on the table, they are chips in the table finish not crumbs!)

I finally found a console table that I love!  Queue excitement!  It originally had a really wobbly leg and a chip in one of the front drawers.  The leg is fixed, the chip is not.  I'm working on it at this point.  I debated changing the finish or potentially painting the piece but ended up loving the wood so much that it is staying as is no matter if the chip is able to be fixed or not.  #fingerscrossed  If anyone has any tips on fixing wood chips in older furniture please let me know.

The bar is really coming together and I like that the mood board covers the office nook.  I wish I were able to do a little more with that space but at this point I haven't given it enough thought to do something that I really love.  What do you think of the changes?


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