Tuesday, March 20, 2012

why hello there Pergo.

Today brings us back to kitchen design. Flooring...what to do with the floors? My parents are trying to save some money in certain areas of the kitchen therefore instead of hardwoods we were thinking Pergo. It's a great alternative to wood floors, is extremely less expensive, and I feel looks just as beautiful.

I did a good amount of research last night and found a lot of great reviews and at the same time a lot of not so great reviews. Everything from people having these floors in their house for years with no mishap and then people having them for a year and hating them. Here are some of the pros and cons I found...

Pros: Inexpensive
Just as beautiful as hard woods
Easy to install and if installed correctly will not swell or buckle
Keeps with the look of the house 

Cons: Scratching
Water will buckle it

Hmm...what to do. Let's look at a few pictures of what it could look like..

I do really love the look of it. Is it hardwoods? No, but it will look really great and add a lot to the kitchen that I don't think ceramic tiles could do. So my question to you my friends is what are your thoughts on this? Pros? Cons? Have you ever had Pergo or other laminate wood flooring in a kitchen?



  1. Also been researching Bamboo. Listed as one of the best flooring and better than cutting done trees. Any thoughts out there?

  2. My parents have laminate wood flooring in their kitchen, hallway and laundry room. My father put it in himself and although it was hard work, it was pretty inexpensive. It has also lasted through kids, cats, a dog and a little old lady with a walker ;)