Tuesday, March 27, 2012

weekend fun.

This weekend was super busy, it wasn't until Sunday night that I truly felt like I relaxed and took a breath.  It was fun celebrating a good friend's birthday with this little guy...

I found the tutorial here from the lovely Jordan Ferney and here as well.  I simply used boxed cake mix and can icing to make it super easy.  I probably should have taken a little more care with cutting the layers.  As you can see my cake is a little lopsided, however I think imperfections in baking seem to make it just a little more special so I didn't mind too much.  It was really good though and the small size was perfect for our little party.  We all just dug in with out forks instead of cutting slices.  Hey, friends are friends right!

Spent some time shopping with my other half L squared and got these beauties.

And ended the whole weekend with this amazing show.  Who else is excited that it is back?  I am in love with everything about this show.  The decor of this period is my favorite of any decade so I love seeing all the interiors and trying to reproduce different aspects of them in my own home.  Are you a retro lover as well?  The couch in Don Draper's apartment is very similar to the one I have in my own house, now all I need are the tables and lamps to go with it!

What did you do all weekend?  Any fellow Mad Men lovers out there?


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