Wednesday, March 14, 2012

wedding wednesday.

Well hello again!  For another round of Wedding Wednesday I thought it would be cool to share with you some great ways to incorporate inexpensive items into your wedding to obtain a chic and elegant look.

Mason jars have such a range of possibilities.  Drinking glasses for an informal affair, candle holders for a more elegant country look or as small vases.


Another great item to use that can make huge differences in decor is fabric.  Pick a print you love and work it throughout the entire wedding.  Drape it, make table runners to add some pop to otherwise simple tablescapes, wrap favor boxes in fabric and set on top of crisp white napkins for an added splash of color on the table, and so on and so on.  I love the four Lilly Pulitzer prints in the middle because of the vivid colors.  They would really pop with some other brights mixed in and incorporated throughout a wedding.  Geometrics  are also a great choice.  They would be a little easier to work with and can be combined with a number of different design elements to create a really cool look.

Bulk bought flowers are also a awesome way to get a great look for a minimum amount of money.  For a friend's engagement party I ordered these flowers, which ended up working out perfectly.  They arrived a day early and I put them in water to rehydrate them and four days later were still looking beautiful.  At under $100 for over 125 white roses its a steal and could work with weddings too.  Brides and bridesmaids could do their own bouquets or small centerpieces could be easily created.  Here are some pictures of the flowers I used at the engagement party.

And here is the lovely bride with her bouquet I created.  A larger one could easily be made for a bride or bridesmaids.  I know most brides think of anything other than getting ready on the wedding day as a big no no but most of the time bridesmaids are sitting around waiting to get their hair done or make-up so this would be something they could work on while waiting.

I am all about some great inexpensive ways to make a wedding a little bit more affordable.  Any inexpensive items you used at your wedding?  Let me know.  I always love hearing new ideas!


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