Thursday, November 1, 2012

a little of life lately.

Well its the day after Halloween.  Did anyone else eat enough candy to fill a dump truck?  I went over to a friends to hang out for awhile and ending up eating a good portion of their Halloween candy.  They had three different types of snickers which are the bomb according to this so I had a few samples of each.  Almond snickers=delish.

As you all know I am currently obsessed with Thought Catalog and found this lovely list.  25 things you need to forget about, my close friends will tell you I remember a lot of random, idiotic things from like, middle school that don't matter in the least and will bring them up whenever I feel the need to get a certain point across.  I need to forget.  #2 and #3 are on point.

A nod back to my healthy lifestyle changes, I have been working out a lot lately.  As in, I wake up and feel like an old person every morning. Which gets totally canceled out when you eat loads of candy.  Whatever.

My roommate and I both won gold fish at the state fair a few weeks ago.  I wish I had a video of how hard we tried to win these fish, you would have thought they were dipped in 24 karat gold or swedish fish (nod to my intense sweet tooth these days).  Luckily we had a really nice game worker who gave us about 2.5 buckets instead of the standard one because we sucked so bad at the game and then the  five-year-old kid across from us wins his fish in about 5.6 seconds.  FAIL.

Whats up with everything being motion sensor these days?  At work we just got brand new soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms.  Fancy motion senor ones.  Why?  I never really found it that hard to turn the knob or push down the soap pump.  I get it, its high tech, blah blah blah.  Working in sales, I often wonder what kind of comebacks those sales reps must have.  One awesome invention is that Dyson hand dryer.  I know everyone has been in the bathroom when that god awful hand dryer comes on and it sounds like a category 5 tornado has just touched down beside you.  Well the Dyson is so much better.  You stick your hands in pull them out slowly and voila!  Dry Hands.

Read please.


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