Thursday, November 8, 2012

travel essentials.

I've always felt that the fall is a hard time to travel weather wise as temperatures can fluctuate significantly week to week.  For this trip I feel like I packed an entire closet to take with me as temperatures in NC have been incredibly low for this time of the year but I've heard its going to be in the 70s in Nola.  Hallelujah!  I am always cold, in NYC this summer I had my scarf wrapped around me when sitting in the shade, never mind that it was upwards of 90 degrees outside, therefore I thrive with layers.  Cardigans, blazers, and scarves are my go to for traveling.  

Here are a few of my other travel essentials.

Luggage- I like to take either a large bag or a rolling suitcase when traveling and depending on the destination and how long I'll be there.  Now lets not get carried away, no my Louis is not packed in my car right now, but hey we can all pretend like we have a $3,000 piece of luggage that we like to submit to traveling.

Sunglasses- Essential.  

Blazer- As I said, layers make me happy and blazers are so easy.  If your cold throw it on, if your hot take it off.  Plus as they are smaller and less bulky than a coat you can keep it in your purse when not in use.

Scarf- Perfect for when its hot but you know inside you may be cold.  Use it as a wrap when cold.

Wallet- Best thing ever invented.  Brightly colored wallets.  How many of you have been trying to pay for something, digging around in your purse for the infamous black/brown wallet that is the same color as the inside of your purse.  I currently own this one but in red, so easy to find in the catastrophic state that my purse is usually in.

Purse- If your anything like me you carry about everything in your purse.  I need something that is big especially when traveling because at any one time I can have a camera, travel guide, all of my normal purse gear, water, diet coke (essential!), phone, and the list goes on.

Studs- I don't usually change out my jewelry a lot when traveling unless needed so these studs are perfect for day and night.

Smoking slippers- Only thing necessary for travel shoes are comfort and stylish.  These slippers are perfect.

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