Wednesday, November 28, 2012

how long has it been...

After being gone for the better part of a month, I'm finally back.  I can't believe its been almost a month since I returned from New Orleans (which was amazing by the way) but its feels good to be on track again.  Did anyone else notice that in my last post titled deep south I posted a picture of a girl with a bunch of suitcases in the desert? #fail

During my travels I was able to make a stop at Ikea and finally bought curtains for the living room which I'm currently dressing up a tad with a bubble hem.  I also will finally be getting my coveted bar this weekend.  My dad graciously build it and is bringing it up this weekend.  Its not the bar cart I originally wanted but I think its going to work great in the space I have.

If your a housewives fan, which of course you are, because who doesn't love rich catty women fighting with each other, indulge in this.

Sometimes being a teenage girl was really hard.

Is anyone else currently daydreaming about their life after tonight?  $500 million.  That's a lot of dough.  My office did a ticket pool and we are all anxiously awaiting the winning numbers knowing for sure we will be cruising the Caribbean, flying around in our G6, and spending the summers in our European villa within the next 24 hours.

And with that, I'll see you tomorrow (potentially a lot richer)!


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