Wednesday, October 3, 2012

health kick.

I've been on a bit of a health kick lately.  Trying to eat healthier all the time as well as get in at least four days of exercise a week.  It makes me feel so much better but getting to the gym or the pool has always been something I struggle with.  

I grew up as a year round swimmer.  Which means from about the age of 9 until I was 18 I worked out six days a week no matter what.  During Christmas vacation, spring break, and the summer up that count to about nine times a week.  You can now understand how my four times a week seems pretty pitiful compared to what I use to do and it still sometimes feels like an act of god for me to get out the door and go.  Slowly though I'm getting back to a regular routine.  After years and years away from swimming and any sort of steady gym routine I feel like I can finally say that I've found a few things I like and am sticking to them. 

On average I try and swim twice a week.  I belong to the Masters team in my area so they are good workouts that I do with a team.  The other two or three days I squeeze in a class during my lunch hour.  Luckily there is a gym right across the street from where I work so its easy and convenient to get in a workout.  When I swim my day is basically get up, work, swim, bed.  Doing that three or four days a week is fine but makes me feel as if I have no life sometimes I need to squeeze in some time with friends or a dinner out during the week to keep me sane.   

I've also found that I love organized exercise.  I need someone there telling me what to do or I get lazy.  Enter group exercise classes.  I try and go to two or three times a week.  They vary from cycling, cardio/crossfit type classes to yoga and Pilates, basically I show up at the gym and the class that is going on during lunch is the class I do.  No thought needed.

Here is an example of my old habits verses my new ones.

Old Exercise Routine:
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- Swim (1 hour 15 min)
Wednesday Rest
Thursday-  Swim (1 hour 15 min)
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- Rest

New Exercise Routine:
Monday- Swim (1 hour 15 min) or Rest
Tuesday- Cardio Class at the gym or Swim (I only swim twice early in the week if I am trying to go three times that week)
Wednesday- Swim (1 hour 15 min)
Thursday- Cardio Class at the gym
Friday- Spinning Class or PiYo (Combination of Yoga & Pilates)
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- Rest

As you can see I simply added a few things in.  I love the cardio classes as they provide cardio as well as a lot of Crossfit type exercises such as push-ups, up downs, and other related exercises that help with weight training as I currently do not do any of that.  I would like eventually to add in weights and some weekend exercise even if it is only walking four or five miles in the morning.  Something is always better than nothing.  Anyone else changed their exercise habits recently?  Or has anyone else out there done Crossfit?  I heard it really does improve your strength and fitness levels.


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