Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the coolest thing.


I came across one of the coolest things today.  Instagram magnets or what they like to call StickyGram.  If your like me most of your photographs consistently stay in the digital world.  Every once in awhile though its really cool to have them printed out and display them (imagine that!).  That being said a lot of the images I take are random, might look weird framed, or are simply of my cats.  Hence, they are not the best images to be considered actual art.

Enter StickyGram.  How awesome is that fridge above.  I love that the magnets are small so they resemble your actual instagram photos.  So for instance my favorite meal I had in NYC will continue to look cool once its posted up on my fridge, along with Richard (Cat #1) and George (Cat #2), and the many other images I have captured in my life and travels.

I am seriously in love and ordering some now!  Do you display your Instagram photos ever?  Or are you like me and they always stay on social media?


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