Monday, October 8, 2012

rainy days.

The weather here has been pretty dismal here for the past two days.  Add to that dropping temperatures and all I want is to crawl up in front of a fireplace with a cup of soup and a good book.  Nevertheless I don't have a fireplace so I'll just turn on the heat, but the soup I can work on.  I'm making a pretty simple chili tonight with some cornbread and plan on relaxing and staying inside. 

I had a pretty eventful weekend but did end up getting quite a bit of rest.  Friday I took a dear friend to dinner for her birthday.  We were able to try a new place out that we ended up loving.  Saturday I had to work a few hours then went to the World Beer Festival in the area.  I tried a lot of different beers and a few ciders that I loved.  Sunday I spent lazing around, went to some friend's house and watched football and capped off the weekend with Chinese and a movie.

Is it feeling like fall where you live yet?  Usually in NC the weather is a bit more mild this time of year and definitely not cold yet but maybe we are getting a head start this year...


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