Monday, October 22, 2012

why do i act surprised when monday rolls around?

Well its Monday again, I don't know why I say that like I'm surprised?  I've been extremely busy since about 6:30am which means at about 9am I was ready for 5:30pm.  

I found some cake in my fridge this morning and seriously considered having it for breakfast but nevertheless I was in a hurry so I finally ate breakfast today around noon which technically makes it lunch but I really want pizza so I'm going to call it breakfast and eat again in an hour.

This is a great example of everyone that ever walks into Target.  I mean hello who can walk away from the $1 section without picking up at least one thing?  I'm sure there is a way to use the inanimate object I just bought in a brilliant way I just have to find it on Pinterest first.

I successfully took advantage of my Netflix account this weekend which is surprising due to the fact that most months I pay about $18 and never return a single DVD or watch anything online.  My friends however all have my e-mail and password and watch to their content.  Hmm...

I'm turning 25 this January.  I really want to go to Vegas.  Something to know about me, I love Vegas.  The lights, the action, the hangovers.  That being said I'm more than likely not going to make it to Vegas for my birthday.  Sad face.  Being 25=no money.  Sometimes reading about it however eases the pain a little.

Just discovered this website (seen any recent links on my blog from this place recently?).  Read it, it will make you cooler.

Its almost the end of October which means its time to start getting ready for Christmas!  Eeeeee!  I came home last night to find my roommate glittering up a nice selection of picture frames, candle holders, and other select items.  We celebrate the holidays in my house like the radio stations do, November 1st to January 1st. 



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