Tuesday, October 23, 2012

holiday party.

I'm pretty sure your probably thinking right now Halloween Party!

Wrong.  Hello Christmas Party!  I am currently in the midst of planning an awesome holiday soiree and have narrowed it down to a few invitations that I really love.  (Side note:  Not to worry I will not be posting about Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza related things from now until January but invitations do have to be ordered sooo I figured why not? Bare with me!)

These are my favorites...
The top was originally my roommates and I's number one pick but after seeing the mingle and jingle and a few others that they recently added on the website I'm not so sure.  What do you think?

Also I really want to do a gift exchange of some sorts I think they are so fun, last year I went to one and gave scratch-offs!  I was telling my friend the other day that we were throwing a party and she said, "Yay!" then immediately responded with, "Please no @#$%# gift exchange."  Womp womp womp.  Are they really that bad?  My mother despises them, as in if she has to buy a random gift she will complain from the moment she knows its inevitable that she has to buy one and continue on with how stupid they are once she has received and opened the exchanged gift.  Mrs. Clause, otherwise known as me likes them.  Thoughts?


All invitations are from Tiny Prints

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