Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the martini.

Let's be honest I'm not a huge fan of the martini but there is something about New York that it just feels right to be drinking one.  I remember walking home every night from work I would always take the longer route between 7th or 8th Avenue in the middle of Chelsea to people watch and witness all the pretty people drinking their martinis.  That being said whether you like martinis or prefer a Stella there are some really great spots to hangout and enjoy a drink.  I'm partial to outdoor spots especially in the summer, here are a few of my favorites.
Pastis- Its a trendy little French bistro in the heart of Meatpacking that has great food and ambiance.  If at all possible try and sit outside and enjoy the crowds walking by.  They have some great house wines that are priced particularly well as well as a few great champagne options. 

Cookshop- This restaurant was literally steps away from my apartment when I lived in the city and is an awesome place to grab a drink or dinner.  A great outdoor space plus drinks and food to die for make it one of my favorite places to stop.

Cafeteria- Made famous by Carrie and the girls (Sex and the City for those that aren't familiar). Cafeteria is a trendy little spot that is pleasing for everyone.  Really cool cocktails plus truffle fries and mac and cheese this place is a carb lovers (such as myself) paradise.  The music is always super loud inside so if your trying to have some meaningful conversation sit outside, or yell whichever works better.

La Grainne- Possibly my favorite restaurant in all of New York.  This place is a quaint little corner bistro that serves traditional French food, the best cafe au laits in the city and is always packed and humming with activity.  Sit outside, at the bar, or in one of the window seats and have a glass of wine or an early morning bloody mary.  If your hungry try the croque monsieur or the french onion soup.  Delish!

Most of my favorite places are in the Chelsea area which is where I lived while in Manhattan. Its a nice place for tourists to explore as its real New York and is a break from all the craziness that is Midtown and Times Square. 


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