Friday, August 31, 2012

change of plans.

Its that bittersweet time of year when you know summer if coming to an end.  Labor Day for me always feels like summer is over.  Working for years as a lifeguard I got into the routine that once the pool closed it was fall no matter what the weather felt like.  Living in North Carolina we will have warm weather here until at least mid-October if not until early November so nothing to fret over, its more the changing of seasons that leaves me longing for the easy days and relaxing weekends of summer. 

That being said this weekend marks the official start to football season!  I love going back to my alma mater and spend Saturday tailgating and going to the game.  I had full intention to spend the weekend at home working on my apartment (aka the chalk board wall) but change of plans and will now be spending the weekend surrounded by all things purple and gold!  So excited!  Go Pirates!

I plan on attacking that wall when I get home.  Its all taped off and ready to go and now I am having anxiety over if the wall being completely black is going to be too much.  Its a little bit of a larger space than I originally thought and making the space feel darker scares me.  I suppose it can always be painted back...

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


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