Friday, August 24, 2012


What have you been up to this week?  I worked.  A lot.  I'm trying to get a few things done this weekend at the house in between being at the ballpark and sleeping.  

...I went and bought the spray paint yesterday for my patio furniture so hopefully by Monday I will have glossy white chairs.  
...I have finally found a console style bookcase over on The Everygirl from Ikea that I plan to use in the dining area of the house and for a bar!
...My parents are coming tomorrow to hang out for a few hours and are bringing a vanity that my mom redid.  I found it on the side of the road about a year ago and it finally has a home!

That's about it for me this week, I'll be back with NYC pictures on Monday.  Have a great weekend you guys!

p.s. How great is this picture of Truman Capote?  Anyone else think he is as fascinating as I do?


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