Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the dressier dresser console.

My computer decided this morning to continue its hate of the internet therefore no pictures have been able to be loaded onto the internet, with hope I can fix the problem and start sharing tonight!

Lately, I have been pretty adamant about getting some things in the new apartment finished.  The things on my to do list that have been completed are:

~Hang the frame gallery
~Find new Patio furniture

This is the most pitiful list I have ever seen.  We've been in the new place for about two and a half months and three things have been completed.  I need to get in gear, I'm hosting a big birthday party for my roommate in October so I want to have a few more things completed by then.

I have however been on the lookout for a dresser to use as a TV console.  With a lot of my furniture being from Ikea I want something that is a little vintage.  I've been looking for some mid-century pieces on Craigslist and came across a few I liked on Friday.

This is my favorite.

I love this one as well but the top scares me for painting purposes.  How great are those handles though!
 I wasn't able to go look at them yet because of work but hopefully I can get my hands on one.  We are in desperate need of something new to hold the TV and for storage. 

These are my inspiration pieces.
Hopefully I will come across something soon that will work and fit in the budget!


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