Friday, June 15, 2012


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What a week this has been! 

…I am in the final stages of moving, everything is almost packed and ready to be taken to the new place; now I just have to finish taking apart my furniture… 

…I got back in the water again.  I was a year round swimmer for about 10 years and last year started swimming with a Masters team, took a six month break and now am back.  Needless to say my whole body is sore!

As for the weekend I plan on…

…Celebrating Father’s Day and my Mom’s Birthday since my parents will be in town

…Finish the move!!

…Go see Rock of Ages (Does anyone else think this looks insanely good?)

…Get the kitchen completely unpacked and functional, I hate not being able to cook or at least make a salad and know where a fork is

…Start working on getting the gallery wall rehung

…Potentially a cookout on Sunday!

All in all it should be a pretty good weekend!  What are you doing?  Anyone else moving?  I’m hoping the move painless and quick.  Wish me luck!


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