Wednesday, June 6, 2012

decorating tips.

I was reading Shape magazine the other day and came across some tips for home decorating.  They are great tips for the everyday decorating we do and put that finishing touch on our homes.

55-60 Inches- The approximate measurement for where frames should be hung.  Another way to remember this, always hang art at eye level.  If it’s too high or too low you won’t enjoy the piece as much.

4- The maximum number of kitchen appliances that should be left on kitchen counter tops.  If at all possible keep counter tops completely clear; however in most of our lives this makes things even harder so 4 should be the max.  At my house we keep out a toaster and a blender.  Both my roommate and I do not drink coffee and we have so little space that even having two appliances out can look cluttered…but you deal!

3- The perfect number of objects when grouping things.  This is the same in photography; odd numbers are more appealing to the eye therefore more pleasing to look at.

4-9 Feet- The amount of space you should position a couch and armchair so as to allow for easy conversation and flow.

30-34 Inches- How far kitchen light fixtures should be hung above the table.  Have high ceilings?  Add an inch for every additional foot over the traditional 8 feet.

30- The percentage of shelving space that should be left untouched.  Things look better when they have a little room to breathe.

All these tips came from Sabrina Soto’s new book Sabrina Soto Home Design, love her!  One of my favorites on HGTV is her Get It Sold show, I can watch episode after episode!

Do you have any tips on everyday decorating?  These are great for me as the big move is happening in a little over a week and we will be rehanging and positioning everything in our new place. 


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