Thursday, January 3, 2013


I seriously cannot believe it is already 2013.  When a New Year rolls around I really like to take stock of what I’m doing and see if there are changes I can make to better my quality of life as well as reach some goals I’ve been aspiring to.  I don’t believe it’s the time to make hundreds of goals you know you will never reach.  Rather a few specific things that will take some change to make happen but in the end are doable.
I was complaining to my boyfriend the other day that I felt stuck and instead of moving forward just sort of walking aimlessly around my life not doing what I always intended.  What it boils down to is I’m comfortable.  My boyfriend’s response to my complaints was, “I don’t want you to wake up at 35 and still be saying the same thing.” 

I think this quote by John Maxwell sums up a lot of how I’m feeling. 

“Human nature tempts us to stay where we’re comfortable. We try to find a plateau, a resting place, where we have comfortable stress and adequate finances. Where we have comfortable associations with people, without intimidation of meeting new people and entering strange situations. Of course, all of us need to plateau for a time. We climb, and then we plateau for assimilation. But once we’ve assimilated what we’ve learned, we climb again…Many times, our challenges in life are not in understanding; they are in doing.”  

That all being said I’m making some changes or as many call them New Year’s Resolutions.

...Take the GRE
...Decide if Grad School is the right option for me once and for all (This is something I go back and forth on constantly.)
...Continue to work out 4-5 times a week.
...Post on the blog 3-5 times a week.
...Create a business plan.
...Cook more meals at home for myself.
...Travel more and visit new places.
...Only eat out twice a week.
...Get a cat.
...Put more money into savings

My list revolves around both personal and professional.  I always am trying to better my life in both aspects as I feel that is the only way to keep your sanity.  What are your New Year’s resolutions?  Anyone trying to make huge changes this year?  My favorite number is 13 so I am hoping this year is one of the best yet!  (No I did not copy Taylor Swift it was my favorite number first, I’m older.) 



  1. Business plan for Lauren Alyson events?!

  2. Hi Lauren - Great quote. I'm learning that I like to be "comfortable" but once comfortable reaches a point of restlessness it's time to move on or try something new! Interested to hear more about your business plan! Happy New Year!