Friday, January 4, 2013

fiddle dee dee.

Jonathan Adler via Elle Decoration France
I know I'm a little late extremely late to jump on this bandwagon but there are some things in life I'm just not very good at, cooking be one and keeping plants alive being another.  That being said I'm seriously falling in love with the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree.  I mean they are adorable when they are young then they grow up and become these beautiful trees that are so aesthetically pleasing its insane.  I want one right meow.  My birthday is in a few weeks fair maidens!  

Another reason I'm really loving these at the moment, you can get them at Home Depot for $16.98.  When they first came out I couldn't find one for less than $50-80 but $17 that's something I can deal with.  I just hope I can keep the little guy alive for more than a few days.  Fingers crossed. 

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  1. i love these trees....i might have to get one!