Thursday, May 31, 2012

home tour.

As promised here is a a short home tour of the living areas in my apartment.  Bedroom to come soon.  You can see what I started with here.  When I first moved in all I had was the furniture I owned from college.  I have since upgraded to a few of my own pieces with some of the hand me downs mixed in.

The lighting is extremely poor in my apartment and I apologize for the bad pictures I tried really hard and took a lot and these were the best I could get.  Bare with me, I'm still learning! 

I am really excited to move into our new place, the lay out of the apartment is completely different and more of a large open space rather than separate rooms designated to be certain things.  It gives me a lot more freedom as to where to put things and how to organize our spaces than our current place does.

Two weeks to go and we will be moving!  Sometimes I can't believe its come up this fast.  Are you moving soon?  Perhaps to a house?  My dream!  Or maybe just rearranging your furniture to mix things up a bit?  Anyone have tips on interior photography?  Its proving to be pretty difficult!



  1. I love your photo gallery wall! And that gold fish scale piece is amazing!

    1. Thanks! It was one of the most time consuming projects I have ever done, but so worth it in the end! In our new place we don't have as much wall space so I don't know where we are going to put it!