Wednesday, May 9, 2012

wedding wednesday.

I think there are a number of great ways to remember all of the guests who attended your wedding whether that be a traditional guest book or something completely different like a thumb print with everyone writing their name.  What is important is that you have something to remember all of your guests by because with the day flying by as fast as it does you'll want something to look back on.

These are some of my favorites that I have found.

I absolutely love this idea!  How cute to have all of your guests take snapshots of each other then write a little note for you.  Beware Polaroid film is expensive, so when planning make sure to budget for this it might seem like a simple cheap project but can be pricey.


This is a great idea if you want to include pictures, or if you have a ton of engagement pictures that you love and want to show off.  Snapfish is a great place to create one of these books.  Simply leave somewhere at your reception and have everyone sign.


Lastly, I love this idea where each guest gets a piece of paper and their own envelope to put their note card in.  How fun would it be to go through the book year after year.

One thing to remember it is better to put a guest book out at your reception rather than at the ceremony when guests are arriving.  By doing this it gives everyone time to write something and have fun with it, instead of being rushed.  Plus it gives everyone something to do during cocktail hour or in-between dinner and dancing. 

What did you do at your wedding for a guest book?  Something traditional?  Or quirky?  I really love the Polaroid option!  So fun for years to come!


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