Thursday, May 24, 2012

memorial day.

Rapallo sky, italy. 

What are your plans for the upcoming holiday weekend?  I plan on taking a long and relaxing break.  Working long hours for the past two weeks has really worn me down and I am excited to have a full four days off from work!  I'm heading down to the South Carolina beaches all weekend and plan to relax and enjoy some much needed free time.  With that said here is all I intend to accomplish over the next four days...

~ Get my hair chopped off.  It has gotten out of control long and I can't stand having to try and work with it everyday.
~ Get interior shots of my apartment, I know I have been promising these for the longest time and now with the imminent move the time has come to get my butt into gear before everything gets packed up in boxes..
~ Spend some quality time on the beach with a good book (On a side note did anyone else not like 50 Shades of Grey?  I hated it, I have about 100 pages left and seriously do not want to pick it up again.) 
~ Take a walk on the beach everyday that I am there
~ Try a blueberry banana smoothie
~ Start working on some decorations for a Welcome Back party (details to come later)

I think that about sums to it.  What are your plans for the weekend?  Anyone taking an exciting trip?  Or just staying at home and relaxing?  Whatever it is that you do, have an amazing Memorial Day!


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