Wednesday, May 16, 2012

wedding wednesday.

I'm from the south.  Born and raised I've lived there all my life except for a few months abroad and in NYC, my roots here are through and through.  My dad is from rural South Carolina my mom from suburban New Jersey but moved to the south for college and never went back. 

I have a reason for telling you all this in relation to Wedding Wednesday and that would be pie.

Wedding pie to be exact.  I grew up eating my Grandmother's amazing Pecan Pie and it would suffice to say that having having cake at my wedding would not mesh that well with my southern roots.  Don't get me wrong I love wedding cake or cupcakes, or cheesecake or whatever it is that a bride and groom feel best suites them for their wedding but there is something so alluring to me about having pie instead of cake.  I know my Dad would love it, the man could put away three slices of my grandma's pie and still want more!




When you think of weddings could you imagine not doing a traditional wedding cake?  Cheesecake anyone?  Or maybe another favorite that has popped up recently, cupcakes?  I once saw a wedding where the couple did doughnut holes, love that!  What is your go-to for a wedding dessert?  


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