Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wedding wednesday.

When thinking about weddings I always like to go back to the guests.  I think the key to any great event is having happy guests.  You spend months upon months planning and executing all the details to then forget that the whole point of having a wedding is to share with your family and friends the love you feel as a couple.

So back to my point, treat your guests well.  Make sure they know how happy you are to have them there and always remember that a good amount of them probably spent some money to be there on your special day.  Having a family and a good amount of friends that live mostly out of state I always think about the traveling that we endure to see each other and how nice it would be to have a welcome basket upon arrival.  



I love these options.  I think the most important things to include in a wedding welcome basket are:

·         Wedding Itinerary (This is the easiest way to avoid confusion with timing and where people need to be at certain times.)
·         Guide book or suggestions from the Bride & Groom on their favorite places to eat, see, and play
·         Water bottles
·         Bottle of wine or champagne (Trader Joes is a great place to get this)
·         Souvenir from the wedding location (Examples could be for a Virginia wedding, a Virginia is for Lovers bumper sticker.  A Charleston wedding you could place all of your items in the famous Charleston weaved baskets.  Or an item that is from a local store in the area such as cupcakes from the nearby bakery, or some nuts and dried fruit to satisfy a hungry traveler.)
·         Welcome note from the Bride & Groom

All of these small touches will not only make your guests feel welcome but also help them get into the wedding spirit and ease the stress of traveling.  Many people will do these for the all guests, just guests traveling from out of town, or simply their bridal party.  It’s a nice touch no matter what you do and is a great way to add some personalized options as well as get creative with your theme.

Have you ever done welcome baskets for your wedding or an event?  Maybe simply for out of town guests you’re having stay for a weekend?  I’ve never put one together but I think I may do this when I have friends in from out of town!


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