Thursday, April 19, 2012


I am typically not your best cook, in fact that's an understatement,  I am not even a fairly decent cook.  I can make most single girl recipes...spaghetti, Lean Cuisines (yes I know...), pasta, baked chicken, you know the drill but actual food that tastes good that I would want to eat on a regular everyday basis has been beyond my skills for quite some time.

Going off one of my goals for the next few months of eating at home more I am determined to learn at least the basics of cooking.  For me cooking boils (no pun intended) to this, all you have to do is read the recipe and follow the directions it's really that simple.  It might not look like the picture and it might not taste quite as good but more than likely you'll have something decent.  Creativity in the kitchen is always a good thing, I like tweaking things a lot so this will be a quality I posses that is on my side.

The other night I decided to give a try to some Teriyaki burgers.  It's actually a weight watchers recipe so its healthy (always a plus) and I added a few things to pump up the flavor.  The original recipe can be found here but I changed it quite a bit.

I used 93% lean ground beef and added grilled onions and jalapenos.  I also used English Muffins instead of a traditional hamburger bun as I have always been a fan of less bread with burgers.

They came out great!  Super easy and healthy too!



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