Wednesday, April 4, 2012

wedding wednesday.

Hola!!!  My roommate is taking Spanish classes so I have been working on my very elementary words with her!  Me gusta?  Wedding Wednesday is going to be a little short this week as I am so busy I barely have time to think.  But I did want to share with everyone one of my absolute favorite favors.

Can you just imagine a picture taken from behind the bride and groom during their vows and all the guests are wearing the Ray Bans.  LOVE it!!  As someone who wears Ray Bans 24-7 I love this idea especially if it has significance to the couple.  There could also be used as a cute prop for a photo booth. 

Anyone else in the midst of deciding on wedding favors?  I think the best favors are ones that have significance to the bride and groom.  A good friend of mine once joked with me that the perfect favor were the two of us to ever get married would be pint glasses with some ridiculous quote on them because we both love to drink beer together.  I adored this idea because it was something that we shared as two individuals.  He then got down on one knee and proposed...just kidding but we did get another pint and continued to talk about our fake wedding.  

The key is don't spend money on something that people don't look at and see the two of you.  Make it something they will remember your wedding and you by, those are the things that turn a simple very run of the mill wedding into a spectacular affair!


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