Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the final answer is no.

I started a whole Wedding Wednesday post today only to delete the whole thing after completing it because I thought the picture collage looked ugly.  If your wondering what the topic was, it was Groom's Gifts and the selections I thought best were a watch, wallet, sporting event tickets/concert tickets, and a cigar humidor...original I know.  Thus the reason it was deleted.  

Lately I have had a lot of trouble finding inspiration and keep second guessing all my decisions.  For instance, the dresser I loved and wanted to use as a TV console I was a little unsure about but for $40 who cares right?  Well I waited and kept thinking about it, going on my lunch break twice to look at it then again today and what do you know...its gone.  Then while I'm at the Habitat ReStore I find some awesome chairs for the office redo I'm working on only to find out they will not sell them without the set...aka the $150 dining set I don't need.  I asked nicely, was told no.  I told them they probably wouldn't sell the set because the table was messed up along with one of the chairs, I was told no.  I told them I would pay $50 for two chairs (1/3 of the price), and again was told no.  So I gave up.  I plan to return in a week or so to try again, if luck turns my way and they don't sell it before then.  Does anyone else stalk the Habitat ReStore?  I'm planning a quick trip to the Habitat ReStore right down from my new apartment this afternoon so maybe tomorrow I will have some new finds.

Does anyone else love this cork board?  Talk about inspiring!  I'm still looking for the perfect fabric for the piece that will eventually cover all the shelves in my desk nook, a large inspiration board per se.  And on a good note my parents delivered the chair I inherited from my grandmother so that will be going to the upholsterer one day to get recovered and will sit at the now chair less desk.

Until then...


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