Thursday, January 26, 2012

a little thursday inspiration..

Thursday is the new inspiration day!  I have decided that every Thursday I will post inspiration photos.  They will range anywhere from design, DIY projects, to photography shots that I am trying to perfect.

I am an avid Pinterest pinner (is that a word?!?) and I love finding beautiful things to share.  If you want to follow me I will add the link to my boards at the bottom of this post, continuing on, I will try and source everything from its original source but sometimes its very difficult to find so if you have any questions about where something came from, let me know, and I will do my best to help you find it!

I am in love with the colors in this.  I have the Edland bed from ikea which I love and is so versatile and currently am using a lot of white with some yellow and gray to go along with it, but I really want to add some color to the room.  Living in an apartment we can't paint so the walls are white, the bed is white, the bedding is white...its getting to be a little much.

My obsessions currently are black & white stripes, gold, and pink...does anyone else find this picture fitting?  Hopefully soon I will be able to switch it up a little.  I have always found bedding to be one of the hardest things to coordinate in a room, so I am constantly on the search for inspiration, and this is perfect!

Ahh!! Color, I love it!  Those yellow curtains make the room, so bright and cheerful.

Wow!  What more can you say about this bathroom?  In House Beautiful a designer stated, that the places to go bold in your home are the rooms where you spend very little time in, foyers, bathrooms, closets, guest bedrooms, etc.  You won't be trying to sleep, eat, or do other daily activities on a constant basis in these rooms so you can use more color, drama, and pattern.  Hence, an amazingly dramatic half bath, could you imagine walking into a friends house and going into this bathroom?

Another bathroom...I love this pattern would be really cool in a closet as well.

The ultimate inspiration photo for any closet girl.  Who wouldn't want that shoe closet, its like a Krispy Kreme donut perfect every time!


Hope you enjoyed this weeks Thursday inspiration.  I am excited to start this series, please let me know what you think!


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