Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fish Scale Wall

My birthday is coming up this weekend and my love of parties and a reason to celebrate means there will most likely be a group of friends coming over on Saturday.  That being said my roommate and I love to take on huge totally unrealistic projects when we are having people over, a birthday being a reason to throw a party we decided to not only start one huge project but add on another hmm three or four.

My beloved fish scale wall which I know I will absolutely love when it is actually on the wall and finished but as of now I dislike more than anything really.  After cutting out 500 plus circles then stapling them, then spray painting INSIDE (bad idea, FYI don't do it) the project is no longer the love of life, more like the bain of my existence.  In the end however, I know its going to look amazing and its almost complete so I continue the forward march.

Pictures to come tomorrow!!

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