Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I have yet to post on the tragedy that our nation saw last week in any way as I did not yet have the words to speak of this unimaginable act.  The heart breaking news that started pouring in early Friday morning was devastating and the continuing coverage only got worse.  My heart breaks for the victims and their families, with two parents who both work in education this really hit home with me as it could easily have been my mom or dad's schools that were attacked. 

I think as a nation we are all now asking why and what can be done to stop these extreme acts of violence.  For the families of twenty-six victims a piece will always been missing from their lives, a child, brother, sister, parent, friend, loved one.  Always remember this.  The answer is not yelling at each other over social media about what you feel is right or wrong.  Its simply finding an answer.  We are not there yet.  It may take a long time to get there.  But always remember in your haste for finding an answer there are people that are suffering extreme losses and they should always be in our hearts first and foremost.


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